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Website Optimization

For search engines to easily understand your website and making sure visitors don't press the "Back" button, we need to look at your website from both an SEO and a customer perspective.  We analyze the market and your target group and implement optimization recommendations that offer targeted content for the search query of your visitors.


Since Google changed/improved the search engine algorithm, it says "non-organic links are punished." That's why it's now even more important to get high quality links to your website to give Google a hint that your website should rise in rankings.

Content Marketing

People search on Google with the aim to get their question answered, find a company etc. We conduct a market analysis to get an overview of what kind of content you use to generate traffic. We then create optimized content for you (photos, videos, blogs, etc.) to beat the competition.

Social SEO

Die Expertise einer Social Media Agency für Unternehmen ist ein Muss, da sich fast alle Ihrer Kunden und potentiellen Fans in Social Media befinden. Ständige Aktivität und Interaktion in Form von Content-Erstellung, Kommentaren und Likes zeigen ihnen, dass Ihrem Unternehmen die Meinung Ihrer Zielgruppe wichtig ist. Dies erhöht automatisch Ihre Reichweite und Ranking auf Google.

Was ihr Ranking beinflussen kann!

Title format

Secondary titles missing

Secondary title too short / long

Double secondary title

Meta description missing

Meta description too short / long

Double meta description

Header hierarchy

Keyword anaysis

Competition analysis

Keyword search volume

Domain authority

Longtail Keywords

Secondary keyword hierarchy

Keyword density

Wrong anchor text

Website Speed - Mobile

Generic Desktop to Mobile Site Redirection

HTTP Header - Same URL Address

HTTP header - other URL

Unnecessary subdomains

Insufficient directories

Generic Directory Structure

Problems with dynamic URLs

Tracking Parameters in the URL

Session IDs in URL

Robots.txt file missing

Robots.txt file that blocks valuable content

XML Sitemap missing or URL not listed in Robots.txt

XML Sitemap Lists pages that have been blocked by the Robots.txt file.

XML Sitemap is incorrect / incomplete / obsolete

XML video and image sitemap missing

Low side speed

Desktop Webmaster Tools not available

Improper Canonical Tags - Robots Meta Tag

Internal link problems

Suboptimal anchor text

Missing breadcrumbs

Malformed Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs schema missing

No sitemap directed at the consumer

Unnecessary internal No-Follow-Links

Javascript Navigation

Images used in navigation

Flash navigation

Unnecessary redirects

302 redirects

Meta-refresh redirects

Javascript redirects

Site contains page errors

Broken page links

Links to defective images

Missing user-defined 404 page error

Page does not return 404

On-Page SEO

There are over 200 factors that determine the criteria for ranking a website on search engine pages (SERPs). These factors appear in categories and subcategories that make it easier to understand the SEO world. Google's algorithm updates can affect the ranking, but site optimization is a constant factor in improving the ranking. If your website is not optimized according to SEO's best practices, other SEO efforts incorporated into a website will not reach their full potential. It is absolutely necessary to be proactive in implementing the right on-page optimization to get all the SEO benefits out of the on-page strategy.

Off-Page SEO

From the name itself, OffSite SEO refers to the external factors that influence the search ranking of a website. It is often associated with link building, so high quality backlinks from websites with high authority should be achieved. These are often still advertising methods to be seen by search engines. OffSite SEO uses a lot of factors to increase the awareness of your website. While SEO factors on pages focus on content and HTML code on your website, OffSite factors can help increase popularity and access to your website.

The Process

How we ensure success

Keyword anaysis

This part of the process is crucial as it represents the "roadmap" for the whole campaign. 

OnPage Optimization

A website that is user-friendly and at the same time optimized for search engines.

Content Strategy

Content that makes people talk and share is a key to ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

SEO Strategy

With an SEO plan, we set the right goals for your business so that we can achieve them faster and more easily.

Website structure

Search engines love websites that are well and quickly structured. Therefore it is important to have a good website structure.


Still one of the most important ranking factors. We focus on building high quality links to achieve great results.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization ensures that thousands of local customers find your business online.

User Experience

Having a great user experience means search engines will reward you by ranking your site very high in searches.