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We develop marketing strategies specific to each of our Real Estate clients and help them get ahead of the competition. We go through a qualifying process which means we look for a certain type of client which we are sure we can achieve great success with.

Our Case Studies show that we have a proven method to increase leads and conversions tremendously for realtors.

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Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy


We perform analysis and research to find and implement the most relevant tools for you to run steps of the process quickly and effectively

Strategy Development

Our team creates a comprehensive marketing strategy and a project plan in which the results and measurable business objectives are clearly structured.

Target Audience

Via social media, detailed target groups can be targeted like in no other marketing channel. Together we find your perfect target group to successfully design your campaigns.


It is important for users to know that they are heard and that their opinions are valued. Live interaction is an excellent way to develop and maintain relationships.


We create high quality content and post it at the right time to bring you as many qualified leads as possible that will eventually convert.


We install a tracking code on your website to obtain information about the behavior of users. With this information, we can retarget those "almost buyers" and increase sales drastically.


Once we have collected information and data from the tracking code, we can create a new target audience that includes users who are most likely to become customers.


Our team creates weekly and monthly reports that include an analysis of campaign performance, KPIs and goal tracking. We adjust the project plan based on these results.

Case Studies

Toromao Immobilien

1600 Leads - Cost Per Lead €6

This client wanted to sell 8 apartments on the top two floors within 5 months

Success Stories

What our clients say about us.

“cadimedia was able to create an entire process of lead generation which delivered the lads to us immediately and made it possible to contact them while their interest in our properties was highest. This made it extremely simple for us to do our part of the work more effectively”


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We develop a personalized strategy for you to bring your business to a whole new level.